Take Back Control of the Internet from Your Kids

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CircleWithDisneyLike most kids, our son wants to spend way too much time on the Internet, and it’s next to impossible to monitor the sites he’s visiting without standing over his shoulder constantly. So, for years we have been searching for a home Internet control (filtering) device that really works, is easy to manage, and keeps track of the sites he visits.


I heard about Circle when it was still in development, and pre-ordered one to try out. When we received ours, I was a bit puzzled, as it was just a little white cube with a power connector. That’s it. No software to install or elaborate wiring. It seemed too simple.

As I write this, we have been using our Circle device for several months, and it works just as advertised, controlling all our Internet-connected devices, and I mean everything. Want to limit streaming shows on Netflix? Circle does that. Want to cut off your Sonos speakers? It does that too. What if your kid unplugs it? They have that covered too, it’s wireless and has an internal battery, so it just keeps working. It’s wonderful to have control again.CircleWithDisney

I know how well it works because my son absolutely hates it. It can be a bit tricky to set up, but once it’s configured, you can set it and forget it. Even better, if you are away from home and have Internet access, you can grant or cut off access at any time from anywhere.

You can learn more and order your own Circle by clicking here.



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